Tuesday, 10 May 2016

LED High Bay Lighting – The Best Way to Illuminate Your Warehouse

There’re plenty of choices for illumination in warehouses, but one option that is becoming exceedingly famous is LED high bay lighting. High bay LED lights are not just usual in warehouses, but in any venue or facility consisting high roofs and needing lighting of fifteen or more feet. Except warehouses, gymnasium, sports arenas, loading docks and other industrial facilities are other renowned venues of this kind of lighting.

What makes led high bay lighting fixtures a better choice than alternatives such as fluorescents & CFLs? Let’s have a closer look.

Energy savings:

It all commences with power efficiency – and that is one massive gain that LED high bay lights has over other sorts of lighting. In particular, these lights employ less energy in comparison to other lighting methods, and it isn’t unusual for facilities to save as much as eight percent on energy bills compared to lighting options – possibly even more, if this lighting is united with smart sensors.

50W - Normal High Bay Series
Long lasting and cool:

High bay lights made of LEDs last about ten times longer than fluorescent and CFL lights. And when they’re switched on, they don’t release any temperature. This is not merely a safety benefit over other kinds of lights, but since they don’t produce temperature, it also saves on cooling expenses. Indeed, it is projected that facilities can save up to 20 percent on utility bills, as high bay LED fixtures will reduce the requirement for A/C.

Durability and sight benefits:

We already have discussed that how high bay LEDs are long lasting, but they are also extremely durable – durable to the extent where they are very much damage-proof and fundamentally maintenance free.

LEDs are also very easy on the eyes. Activate a florescent bulb and it is bound to glimmer – at least, for a little while. Activate a high bay LED light, and you will acquire the light you wish instantly. In fact, activate or deactivate it as often as you wish – you will not find any issues of glomming.

Superior Light Uniformity:

It is a true fact that LED lighting distributes light superior than others. In fact, a lot of report suggests an 8% boost in light regularity with high bay LED lighting fixtures compared to others. Other pluses of high bay LED lighting compared to fluorescent & CFL lights include lesser light distortion as well as minimal static upsurge.

So, when you are opting for LED high bay light fixtures?

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