Saturday, 5 November 2016

Many Decorative Uses Of 5050 LED Strip Lights

Have you ever speculated how interior-designers manage to accomplish that significant effect inside the kitchen, bedrooms and in your living room as well? Designers actually play with light, employing it to their strong side to develop a welcoming & high-impact area. There’re several uses of 5050 LED strip lights,which are assured to offer you with that high-impact that you’re always in search of.

The 1st area you may wish to employ your 5050 LED strip lights is on your staircase. If you’ve glass-stairs you can develop a stunning effect with these lamps glittering all through your staircases. The strips are accessible in different colors so you can have the decoration of your desire. If you’ve a standard stair, put 5050 LED lights next to the border of the step and accomplish that awe-inspiring look. This’s a safety measure also; assuring you can notice every step clearly, decreasing the danger of falling down.

In addition you can employ 5050 LED strip lights next to the border of the mirror. In undersized homes you wish to maximize your light and mirrors to make your space look larger. Putting LED strip lights along the sides does not just develop a considerable impact, but the lumen shines onto the mirrors, reflecting it inside the room and instantly making the area feel brighter, lighter and roomier.

You can even employ 5050 LED strip lights breathe your sofa or bed to develop an exceptional impact, enabling you to relish soft illumination and deactivating your main lights. Within a darkened room, lighting around the base of you couch can truly make an excellent atmosphere, something exclusive that you will be proud of.

If you’ve a patio or deck, you can even employ the strip lightings to instantly mark off the border of the room so you & your guests never need to presume where the patio or deck ends at night. Also, it can brighten your outdoor area and with strip LED lights avail in various wonderful color choices, you can develop your exterior area according to your specific design requirements.

In many circumstances, both business and home owners employ 5050 LED lights as part of their festival embellishment at the conclusion of the year. These lighting options also come into view in pubs & inns that are placed in rural regions.

3528 led strip lights are also a very popular option like 5050 LED. Last but not the least, you should never buy these lights based on cost alone, quality should also be given equal importance.

LED Strip Lights Are Truly Functional In Every Perspective

LED strip lamps provide several benefits compared to more conventional luminaries. Some of these are common to LED technology, whereas others are exclusive to LED strips. In this article we will have a look at many reasons thousands and thousands of consumers are bringing waterproof LED light strips into their homes.

Lesser Electricity:

Like any LED technology, LED strip lamps employ significantly less electrical power in their function. Electrical consumption is measured in watts and charged for by electricity companies on a kilowatt per hour (kWh) basis. Naturally, the fewer watts you use, the less you pay on your electricity bills.

The consumption of LED Strips is calculated on a per meter basis. A typical meter of LEDS will use about 7.2 watts in power, compared to a fluorescent tube, which uses about 15.

This makes them more affordable to run, and allows users to experiment with much larger installations without the fear of running up an unnecessary utility bill.


Furthermore, programmable LED strip are capable of replicating a much larger part of the lumen spectrum compared to conventional lamps. This makes them especially suited to effects light installations, where users want to create elaborate color changing effects. As well as the standard warm and cool white, that are most often used for ambience, LEDs are also available in a color changing RGB.
Life Expectation:

LED is also popularly known as SSL (Solid State Lighting) and SSL literally means that unlike filament and fluorescent bulbs, which buzz, vibrate and shake as electricity moves through them, LEDs remain completely immoveable. For this reason, LEDs have a much greater life expectancy than traditional luminaries, and can continue working for many years without any fault.


Perhaps the defining feature of LED Strip Lights, their flexibility truly sets them apart. Traditional luminaires were housed inside glass enclosures which were fragile and inflexible. In contrast, with LED Strip Lights, the LEDs are mounted to a flexible "ribbon" of circuit board, which is durable enough to be bent around 90 degree corners and attach to gradiented surfaces.

Produce Less Heat

One of the principle issues with halogen and incandescent bulbs is that they generate a lot of heat during use, making them a potential fire hazard. LED Strips produce comparatively little heat, making them safer to use and less of a risk.

Effortless Installation:

Installing strip lights is extremely easy and requires very little expertise. LED Strip Lights can be connected to a normal power outlet, or wired directly into a light switch. Moreover, a 3M self adhesive backing also means they can be stuck straight down on to a surface without the need for mounts or brackets. Even if they don't have this adhesive, installing brackets is still very easy and far less hassle than installing a fluorescent tube for example.

Contact a LED strip supplier now and enjoy all these advantages!

How LED Lamps Are Environment Friendly In Nature?

Protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility and everyone should feel responsible for it. A majority of us are already conscious eco-friendly processes, for example recycling to lessen the volume of squander we generate and decrease our carbon-footprint. Nonetheless, a majority of people are not aware of the new & advanced technology that we can make use of to assist decrease carbon discharges. LED lighting solutions is a great example of this that offers several benefits. Let’s have a look at a few of them:

Power Efficiency:

Led lamps are known to be 80 percent more power efficient in comparison to conventional lights like incandescent and fluorescent lamps. 95 percent of the power in LED is transferred into light and just five percent is squandered as heat. This’s compared to incandescent lamps which transfer 95 percent of power to heat and just 5 percent into light. Also LED lamps draws much lesser energy compared to conventional lighting; a standard 84-watt fluorescent can be substituted by a 36-watt LED to offer the same degree of illumination. Less power consumption decreases the demand from power-plants and reduces greenhouse gas discharges.

No Hazardous Elements:

LED lamps hold no hazardous compounds. Most workplaces presently employ fluorescent strip lamps which hold hazardous chemicals like mercury. This’ll pollute the atmosphere when disposed in landfill waste. Disposal need to be organized via a registered waste-carrier, therefore adapting LED avoids the expense & time executions needed for amenable disposal – and assists to safeguard the atmosphere from further hazardous waste.

Less Light Required:

LEDs possess a superior quality of lumen distribution & focus lumen in 1 direction in contrary to other sorts of illumination which waste power by spreading lumen in whole directions, often lighting areas where light is not needed. This signifies lesser LED lamps are required to accomplish the same degree of glow released by incandescent and fluorescent lamps. Lesser lights will decrease power use and will thus be an advantage to the environment.


A long lifespan means lesser carbon discharges. LED lamps can last 6 times longer in comparison to other sorts of lamps, decreasing the need for regular replacement. This upshot in employing lesser lumens and therefore lesser supplies are required for making procedure, packing substances and transportation. Therefore, china led lights manufacturer are in great demand these days.

So now you must be cleared about the several environmental advantages of LED. So, it is better to switch to LED sooner than later. A healthier environment leads to a healthier human society! Go green!