Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Specialties of LED Technology Used in Parking Lot Lighting Systems

Majority of parking lots these days use light fixtures powered by Light Emitting Diodes instead of using metallic halides and high-pressure type sodium lamps. LED floodlights and other similar types of parking lot lights appear as similar to computer chips rather than traditional lamps. LED is a type of chemically treated junction diode that emits light when connected to a particular power source. These diodes focus light only in one direction rather than HID lamps emitting light in every direction.
LED fixtures come with more than one row of various small size diodes grouped tightly together. Main role of LED fixture is to direct the beam of light in the right place i.e. on parking lot surface by reducing the waste, which would cause from various omni-directional lamps.

LED technology used in the form of parking lot lighting systems is good for maintaining healthy environment. Reason for this is that it eliminates harmful chemical of mercury and as it has directional nature, the light reduces environmental pollution to a huge extent. Testing of LED products indicated for low depreciation rate with lights. In addition, LED products are of sensitive to heat and possess ambient temperatures, because of which they are able to increase the performance of lights and life span dramatically.

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Since LED is an innovative technology prevails in the market, LED powered floodlights and other light fixtures cost relatively more as compared to the cost involved in conventional fixtures. However, lower costs in energy and electricity, along with long life span of LEDs make them economical alternatives to large numbers of traditional halide lamps to install in parking spaces and other outer spaces.

20W - Portable Floodlight Series
Based on this, good companies provide completely outsourced parking lot and outdoor lighting solutions. These lights feature fully operational and bundling design installations, both of which allow customers to avoid huge capital costs and repairing expenses and thereby, to get affordable light systems.

Today, LED powered parking lot lighting systems give plenty of benefits to users as compared to conventional light sources. Firstly, LEDs come with directional nature, because of which it prevents emission of extra light from the system and thereby, boosts operational efficiency of the system.

According to experts, rate of LED lighting systems range between 50,000 and 1, 00,000 hours to fulfill outdoor applications rather than only between 15,000 and 35,000 hours in case of HID lamps. Lastly, directional nature possessed by LED light systems plays major role in increasing the control on distribution of light and maintaining uniformity.

Monday, 12 September 2016

Reasons to Make LED High Bay Lighting Fixtures Preferable Options

High bay lights are common types of lights used in few key areas, which require high ceilings or require illuminating from a distance of about 15 feet or higher. Individuals would be able to find High Bay Lighting in some important places, like gyms, stadiums, arenas, warehouses, factories, loading docks and many more. Although, these lights have traditionally florescent lights or discharge lights of high intensity, most of the places now switched to LED lights, because of following reasons-

Energy Efficient Option

LED high bay lighting fixtures act as energy efficient solutions. These lights consume less power as compared to various other types of lights available in the market. In this way, such products result in the saving of maximum 80 percent in electricity bills.


Eliminates the Need of Charging Frequently

Most of the lighting systems powered by light emitting diodes last for long period as compared to simple metal halide lights. Because of this, a user does not require to charge it frequently and in fact, maximum 10 times as compared to the period of any other light system or bulb.

Does not Require Air Conditioning

Unlike other lighting systems, LED lights used as high bay lights or commercial fixtures never heat up when they remain in operating condition. This feature reduces the air conditioning requirement by about 20 percent and thereby, you will find another efficient way to save money on your electricity bill.

Provides Damage Resistant Solutions

LED lights used in high bays, stadiums, parking lots and in any commercial buildings have high value of durability and are able to withstand for a longtime. These lights are also of highly resistant to cracks and damages, while do not require maintenance. In other words, such lights do not damage easily in case they drop or bump.

Offer a Flicker Free Option

LED high bay lighting fixtures provide flicker free options as compared to any other traditional lights, for instance florescent lights emit flickering in huge amount.

Cause Lesser Distortion

Most of the lighting fixtures powered by LED cause lesser distortion than other forms of lights available in the market.

Reduces Static Buildup

Another significant benefit associated with LED lighting fixtures and systems is that LED lighting results in less possible static buildup.

Leads to Improvement in Light Uniformity

Usage of high bay lights powered LEDs cause drastic improvement in the uniformity of light in different areas. According to experts dealing with bay light systems, LED lights cause 8 percent of better distribution in lights than each of the other lighting systems available in the market.