Wednesday, 11 May 2016

LED Flood Lights Are Far More Beneficial Than Conventional Fluorescent Bulbs

LED floodlights is a kind of floodlighting fixture that offers even illumination across a wide area such as the yard, square, stadium, stage or other spacious locations. Once in a time, metal halide and high pressure sodium are commonly used in for floodlight sources. Light Emitting Diode are introduced into this area recently due to the rapid development of LED manufacturing and packaging. Compared to conventional lighting sources, LED has unprecedented advantages which accommodates the needs for energy-saving and less maintenance.

5W - Portable Floodlight Series
LED flood lights operate at far lower temperatures than regular lighting. This makes them safer than conventional lighting. This increases the safety of the lights as well as their efficiency. Flood lights can be used both indoors and outdoors. LED flood lights ensure safe working conditions for the manufacturers, maintenance workers and those who will be using the lights regularly.

Most traditional flood lights are HPS (high-pressure sodium) flood lights, using sodium in an excited state to create visible light. HPS lights are extremely bright and can cover a large area; however, they are gradually replaced by LED flood lights because they have their drawbacks. For example, HPS flood lights contain a number of mercury which is a danger to people’s health. LED flood lights, on the other hand, contain no toxic elements, which is safer.

Outdoor sports arenas benefit particularly from floodlighting, as it is often necessary for sporting events to be carried out in the evenings or in low light conditions. Therefore, it is imperative that there is sufficient high quality artificial lighting to substitute natural daylight. Floodlights also allow the event to be successfully televised, as it is vital that lighting levels are high enough to meet broadcast quality levels.

Theatrical lighting

Concerts and plays also benefit from floodlighting, as the beam of light can be directed where needed. This is particularly important at outdoor events.

Security lighting

Homes and offices benefit from floodlighting as a security measure as they can be an effective deterrent to burglars. Sometimes these lights can be sensor operated and only illuminate if a trespasser enters the area, alternatively, they can remain on, which is often the case in public car parks, to ensure that the area is highly lit at all times.

60W - LED Canopy Fixtures
Here is a breakdown of the benefits of LED commercial fixtures:

• LED bulbs have a very long life.
• LED lighting is eco-friendly, as it uses less electricity.
• LED lights naturally emit an extremely bright light.
• LED light can be directed specifically, rather than just creating a pool of light.

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