Saturday, 12 March 2016

Lighting Open Spaces

If you have a facility that has been constructed many years ago, there are chances that the lighting facility is not very developed. Before many years, the lighting designers did not put much stress on the lighting facilities in the building area. There are many chances that the lighting is not adequately developed in the area. In most cases, the lightings have been provided only to give the architectural structure an enhancement in the appearance rather than providing safety and security to the facility.

Nowadays, maintaining the safety and security of a facility is of utmost concern. Today, the security managers evaluate the exterior lighting of the facilities and thus parking lot lighting and flood light fixtures have gradually gained importance. Adequate amount of outdoor lighting ensures the safety of the facility and in maintaining the security of the parking lot in the facility.

The Design of Parking Lot Lighting:

The basic consideration of a parking lot light is its design. The design is highly dependent on technical knowledge which may take some time to learn. The light fixtures companies are now taking pain to engage technicians to design parking lot lights in accordance to the design of the facility.

LED parking light designs have the following considerations to keep in mind:

-- Intensity of the lights
-- Uniformity of the light
-- Color of the light
-- Efficiency
-- The lifetime of the lights

A Brief on Floodlights:

Floodlights are among the most popular outdoor lightings which are generally used to light very large and open areas. Street lights are the most common type of flood lightings. Flood lights are gradually gaining popularity owing to the fact that they are capable of illuminating large areas like stadium.

Led Flood Lights are different in their design and engineering. Their fixtures are quite differently designed from other lights. Since they are to be used outdoors, they have to be durable and have to withstand tough weather conditions.

TGA3 Floodlight Series - 200W
What about commercial fixtures?

commercial fixtures offer unprecedented conditions for energy saving lighting. These fixtures help in the proper setting of the lights very easily with very little maintenance and a longer life. There are myriad fixtures available in the form of wall packs, flood fixtures, high bays, Lay-In Troffers.

LED Canopy Fixtures - 40W
The leading light manufacturing companies manufacture an extensive range of commercial light fixtures that can be used in shop lighting, retail lighting, supermarket lighting and for garages.

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